The Big Apple

The Big Apple

In July of 2017, my progress in surgical research in Houston had led me to the national ACS Quality and Safety Conference taking place in New York City.

After my abstracts had been accepted by the committee, I packed my bags, hopped on a plane northeast and checked in at the Hilton Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, just south of the Central Park. Now, being from Houston, my city has claimed for a long time to be the most diverse and fastest growing metropolis of the United States. However, I can confidently testify now that New York is a whole other level. There are people walking on every street you go to, the subways are usually packed – especially during rush hour, and you always wonder why some even try to get around town by car if all you do is sit in traffic honking at other drivers. Leave the hotel at 11pm to go for a walk towards the park and you still see crowds of people roaming the streets. I have traveled my fair share during the past years of work and medical school but New York has definitely been an urban adventure that will unlikely be topped by any other city.

The conference itself was a fascinating spectacle, too. The hotel’s main speaking room had enough place for 500 or more visitors from all over the US and internationally and created a motivating atmosphere to discuss the quality of surgery in nowadays medical society. Surgeons of various specialties, residents, students, nurses, medical staff, legal professionals, politicians, and many more showed up to participate at this event.

What follows are a few photographic impressions of that hot summer weekend in New York.


Between the hotel and Times Square


Rooftop bar


Wall Street district


Inside the conference