Downtown Watering Hole

Downtown Watering Hole

The OKRA Charity Saloon: one of the few bars you must visit while touring through Houston.

As the name suggests, this establishment follows a simple concept.

For each drink purchased, the customer gets one ticket for a vote that they may cast for one of the few charities selected each month. The charities are all based in the prximity of Houston and support local causes. The charity with the most votes received the monthly proceedings of the following year. As of 2017, over $800,000 have been donated this way.

The bar itself is located in downtown at the intersection of Congress and Main. The old 19th century building with its brick walls and gaslamps looks very rustic and creates a very comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Pool and The glassroof on top is gorgeous and an eye-catcher especially during rain. While rather calm during weekdays, this place lights up on the weekends and the crowd invites to dance. The large shuffleboard table gives OKRA a very Southern flair.

Order one of the local IPA drafts during your visit.

OKRA Charity Saloon

924 Congress Ave, Houston, TX 77002